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Purley Pillows was founded in 2016 by award winning entrepreneur and published author; Jerry Cheshire.

We are located on the floor above Jerry’s bed and mattress store, Surrey Beds in Purley, Surrey, where we have our extensive store rooms, assembly and packaging room and offices.

Our products are especially selected for comfort, support and durability. We know that if you pay a little more you buy something a lot better, so we’re proud to offer only high quality, tried and tested pillows that delight our customers

The Purley Pillows team enjoy being a part of a young, vibrant e-commerce business and take pride in ensuring every customer’s order receives prompt and accurate attention.

We are proud to welcome customers from all over the United Kingdom as well as Ireland, France, Spain, Italy and Germany. We hope to add more countries as we grow.

Our founder

Jerry entered the sleep industry in the 1990's when he joined worldwide bed manufacturer Sealy as their regional sales representative. He left Sealy in 2001 to open his award winning bed and mattress shop near his home in Purley, Surrey. Below is a picture of Jerry receiving an award from BBC personality Jeremy Vine (left) and National Bed Federation Chairman Stuart Hibbert (right).


Jerry’s knowledge and experience has lead him to create his own range of ‘Reedhams’ luxury pillows and the ‘Laylux’ brand of sumptuous latex mattresses.

Jerry says: ‘sleeping blissfully is known improve your health, performance and relationships, however, so many people struggle to sleep well. Owning a suitable mattress and pillows are key to achieving perfect sleep and they should be seen as an investment in oneself’.    

Since writing his first book; ‘Sleeping Blissfully – How to Make the Most of a Third of Your life’, Jerry has been a contributing author in ‘Fit for Purpose Leadership #2’, which became An Amazon #1 best seller.

In 2019, and again in 2020, Jerry was invited to be a judge at The National Bed Federation Awards and he was a guest speaker at SleepExpo Middle East 2020 in Dubai.