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Would You ‘Simba and Eve’ it? Mattress Mayhem.

Would You ‘Simba and Eve’ it?

Simba and Eve are two of the prominent mattress brands in the vacuum packed, mattress-in-a-box market here in the UK. Others include Casper mattress and Leeza.

This week, my team delivered a 6’0, Superking-sized mattress to a customer in Purley who lives alone. Her bedroom is in a loft conversion, within her Edwardian terraced house, so we had to manoeuvre the new mattress up two flights of stairs. A particularly tough task considering the weight of the Harrison mattress she bought.

When they reached her bedroom, there were already two other huge mattresses in there. One was her old mattress; another Harrison mattress she’d bought from us way back in 2002, and another new mattress bought online from a leading ‘mattress-in-box’ e-tailer. As I’m sure you can imagine, three superking-sized mattresses in one room, leaves little space for anything else.

The old mattress was worn, slightly stained and ready to be replaced. However, our customer couldn’t lift and remove the mattress, or take it for recycling herself. She called the Council who offer a mattress removal service, but they insisted that her mattress was taken downstairs and left outside her home ready for them to collect when they were passing. Unfortunately, our customer was not physically able to carry a Super king sized mattress down 2 flights of stairs and put it outside on her own.

The other ‘mattress-in-box’, now out of it’s box, was waiting for the e-tailer to collect after her 100 night trial ended. Under the terms of the 100 night trial, she has to keep the mattress for at least 90 days before anyone will collect it for return.

She told us she had only slept on the mattress for ‘about a week’ and that it was so uncomfortable compared to her previous Harrison mattress, that she’d chosen to buy a new Harrison and send the vacuum packed mattress back. The new Harrison mattress took about 4 weeks to arrive from ordering in our shop, to delivering into her bedroom, so she reverted back to her old Harrison mattress in the meantime.

When asked what prompted her to buy a new mattress online without trying it first she said she was enticed by the website and particularly the positive reviews she read on there. ‘There aren’t any bad reviews’ she said. (Well, they’re probably not published), and she admits to not considering what to do with her old mattress once the new one arrived. She also mentioned that it seemed convenient to be able to order her new mattress from work thus, she thought, saving her time.

In addition to that, she didn’t realise that the new mattress would be delivered to her doorstep rather than into her bedroom. Actually, her mattress arrived when she was out and the carrier left it with her neighbour two doors away. This meant she and her neighbour had to carry a very heavy superking-sized mattress along the street, and up her two flights of stairs to her bedroom. They then lifted her old mattress up from the bed frame, and unpacked and unravelled the new mattress to put in its place.

I am delighted my customer from 2002 returned to buy a new Harrison mattress from Surrey Beds. When in our showroom she tried several mattresses before deciding which one suited her best. This meant she knew exactly what she was getting before it arrived at her house.

We delivered her new mattress on a Saturday, which suited her because she works during the week.

My delivery crew carried her new mattress up two flights of stairs and into her bedroom. We took the old mattress away for her and transported it to a recycling centre.

Our customer is also reassured that if there is ever a problem with her new Harrison mattress (very unusual for Harrison), she simply has to call in to the shop to speak with me or my staff and we can resolve the problem swiftly.

Now she just has to wait for the online company to collect the mattress she doesn’t like.


I’m your author, Jerry Cheshire. I have an award winning bed shop here in Surrey.  I have been in business since 2001 and have sold over 30,000 beds. But, even after all this time selling beds, I can learn something new. Please follow me on twitter @thebeducator.

(The title of this article is a play on the cockney rhyming slang term ‘Adam and Eve’ which means ‘believe’ as in ‘would you Adam and Eve it?’ for ‘would you believe it?’)