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What are Purotex Pillows?

Sleep serves a vital function. We all spend 1/3 of our lives in bed and sufficient hours of good quality sleep in a regular daily rhythm is essential for our mental and physical well-being. Food, exercise and sleep are a three-in-one recipe to make people alert, fit, healthy and happy.

Purotex Pillows

A quiet sleep environment, a relaxing sleep ritual and a good bed will improve the quality and efficiency of your sleep while stress, too much noise or disturbing light tends to have a negative impact. One of the most disturbing “sleep thieves” though is allergy.

In the sleep environment, House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA) is a growing reason for concern. Allergic symptoms are triggered each time people inhale the allergen while resting or sleeping. Sensitivity to the house dust mite allergen has a negative impact on the quality of sleep.

This is where Purotex can help!

Purotex is a textile treatment that uses five 100% natural bacteria -or probiotics-, selected for their ability to clean up house dust mite allergen along with other allergen types.

“Probiotic” literally means “pro-life” and is an ecological, healthy and safe technology for the future. Anti-biotics aim at destroying all micro-flora and become, in view of the problems with resistant bacteria, more and more the technology of the past.  

Bacteria        Purotex Fibre

Purotex was developed by BekaertDeslee Academy after years of research, fully lab tested and real life tested and won the “Interzum Award for intelligent material & design” of Köln Messe and Red Dot Projects.



Purotex reduces humidity.

Purotex cleans up allergens.

Purotex creates a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

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