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Buying the latest mattress products.

Today a customer came into the shop to renew his mattress. He told me exactly the mattress he currently sleeps on and even took a picture of the label to show me. This is great information for a bed store asssitant, until the customer asks for a brand new mattress, exactly the same.

Of course, some manufacturers continue to use old model names and similar spring counts, thus making current models appear the same as old ones. They’re not the same of course. They’re newer updated models with more modern springs and fillings and made with more modern production methods.

Usually, manufacturers introduce new model names when they update their ranges, but not all.

This particular customer sleeps very well on his existing mattress which is about 7-8 years old (that could mean 10 or more years old as people tend to underestimate the length of time they’ve had their mattress), and hopes his new mattress would feel the same.

A new mattress, even one identical to the first, will feel different because the used mattress has been ‘worn in’ a bit like your favourite comfy shoes. As a mattress is used, it conforms through settlement to your shape. You wouldn’t expect unworn shoes to feel the same as worn shoes, even if they are identical.

We sometimes use car analogies when talking with our customers in store. If your car is 5 years old and you want to renew it, it’s unlikely you’d walk into a car dealership and ask for an unused 5 year old model. The latest model would have been updated and be an improvement upon the 5 year old model you have. That’s evolution and of course, and the same rules apply with mattresses.

An experienced bed shop assistant would recognise the specification of your existing mattress if presented with the correct information. This would allow them to show you existing models that would feel similar and to show you which models are an improvement upon that. That way you can decide which new mattress best suits you.

The #1 rule when buying a new mattress: Never buy something you have not personally seen, touched or lay on. Mattresses are a personal comfort choice. What is good for one sleeper is not necessarily good for another. So, even if your best friend tells you her new mattress is amazing, which it may well be for her, it may not suit you. Also, if you see an advert for ‘the perfect mattress’, ask yourself: ‘Perfect for whom?’ There is no one mattress that is perfect for everyone.

Your Author Jerry Cheshire is founder and CEO at award winning bed store, Surrey Beds in Purley, Surrey. Follow him on twitter @thebeducator