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How Often Should You Change Your Pillows?

When Should You Change Your Pillows?

Pillows should be changed regularly as they become unsanitary much more quickly than your mattress.

As we sleep, we all shed flakes of dead skin upon which dust-mites thrive. It's usually the faeces of these dust-mites that cause skin irritation or breathing difficulties. After a period of extended use, say 9-12 months, pillows harbour so many dust mites and other harmful bacteria that they they should be discarded. 

I particularly recommend changing the pillows of teenagers suffering from adolescent skin complaints more often as having fresh, clean pillows will reduce their discomfort.

You may like to use pillow protectors which fit under your outer pillow cases as these can be easily removed and laundered regularly. This will extend the useful life of your pillows.

Ensure you have a complimentary bed, mattress, pillows and linens combination. The key things to have for a great nights sleep are a great mattress on a supportive base along with your most comfortable pillows.

Also, use a topper and sensible bedclothes to help you regulate your sleeping temperature and use protectors to keep your mattress and pillows clean.

Your author: Jerry Cheshire is proprietor at award winning bed shop Surrey Beds. Follow him on Twitter @thebeducator

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