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Why President Donald Trump is like a Casper, Eve or Simba Mattress

President Donald Trump is just like a Casper, Eve or Simba Mattress

There are some crazy things going on in the world right now. Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of The United States of America, the UK vote to leave the EU, political and religious change all around us. Can this be attributed to marketing and the digital age?

The power of marketing has always been accepted, and the advancement of technology has changed the face of marketing.

Donald Trump, a ‘love him, hate him’ self-promoting egotistical billionaire entrepreneur, some describe him as narcissist, others a psychopath. A man with no political experience is now President-elect of probably the most powerful nation on the planet. This makes him, arguably, the most powerful man in the world; just how he sees himself. How did that happen? Well, he had the best marketing team of course.

All around us we see mediocre products marketed exceptionally well; products that when compared to alternatives are often inferior or not good value. For example, McDonald’s are the biggest hamburger seller, but they don’t make the best hamburgers but we are familiar with their golden arches.  Wonga are a leading pay-day loans lender, but their rates are astronomic. These brands become market leaders because they have the best marketing teams. Mr Trump may not have been the best candidate (he may have been), but he came up with the messages most people wanted to hear, and they ‘bought’ him.

In my industry, the bed and mattress industry, we have a recent appearance of ‘mattress-in-a box’ vendors: Eve, Simba and Casper to name three. None of them have the best mattress but hey all tell you they have.  A message when told often enough become so familiar, that people feel comfortable with what they’re being told and some believe it.  Quite simply, all of these un-remarkable mattresses are marketed extremely well.

I remember as a child in the 60’s when TVs became popular and commercials were broadcast into homes: Bird’s Eye fish fingers, Heinz baked beans, Fairy washing-up liquid all became familiar because they came along with Andy Pandy, Nationwide and the National News.

Smaller and new brands dreamed of such exposure, but the cost of making and broadcasting a TV ad was beyond their budget.

Then, as technology evolved with the advent of the worldwide web so many media have become accessible and affordable to many more, smaller, but no less ambitious brands and products.

You Tube and other video sharing platforms for example have made it possible for anyone to post a video on the internet, effectively giving them their own TV ad, and along with the major social media platforms, these videos can be shared to millions of users via their PC or tablet. Getting a message to the masses has never been easier.

Marketing is about fixing someone’s problem. Mr. Trump’s messages (whether right or wrong), got to more people, and became more familiar to more people. These people now believe that their problems are going to be fixed. Of course, this may not, and probably won’t happen, but that doesn’t matter to Mr. Trump’s team right now.  They used their marketing power to ascend Mr.Trump to the Presidency, simply by effectively marketing over multiple media.

This happens in commerce all the time. The founders of Eve, Simba and Casper know they haven’t got the best mattress but they are getting their message to a lot of people, who are becoming familiar with it. Familiarity breeds trust, so many will buy. The mattress may not solve the buyers’ problem, but the brands don’t care, they simply want to sell the units. They have an end game.

In 2000, The Simpsons predicted Mr Trump would become president. They used him as an extreme example; the person they thought to be the most unlikely ever President. Whatever next?


Your Author is award winning bed and mattress expert, Jerry Cheshire. Known as 'The Beducator', Jerry helps you feel good about your bed purchase by knowing the products and how their features benefit you.