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Eve Mattress. To Invest or Not to Invest?

Eve Mattress. To Invest or Not to Invest?

I’m not a great fan of ‘mattress-in-a-box’ products like Eve, Casper and Simba. They are designed and marketed for one thing: profit. I believe their introduction into the mattress market is counterproductive and does not favour either the end user or the mattress industry.

I am fully aware that there are many people, mainly marketing people rather than mattress people, who are about to make a personal fortune from these products. Frankly, my instinct says DON’T INVEST, although this may leave me missing something.

The product itself I would describe as average at best. Sales of memory foam mattresses, before the intervention of the online marketeers was in decline. After years of ever declining quality, very few owners of a memory foam mattress bought another one when their mattress needed replacing. Memory foam was out of favour and the popularity of traditionally made sprung mattresses were on the increase.

Memory foam had gathered a reputation for making the sleeper feel hot, sinking into body-shaped troughs and feeling like quicksand; all symptoms of low grade, cheap foam.

Now we have ‘second-generation’ memory foam (whatever that is?) usually marketed without declaring a density (higher density indicates greater durability) and without any data to prove it is good for your sleep. Some mattress-in- box brands include pocket springs with memory foam. Such tiny 2 inch springs offer no support, just a comfort layer.

Frankly, I wouldn’t give one of these mattresses house room.

I have a bed and mattress shop in Purley, Surrey and have a Simba mattress on display there. I show it alongside other mattresses at a similar price and since I brought the Simba mattress in, back in January, I have sold ZERO. Not one. This is because the other mattresses we show at this price are far superior in quality and it seems more comfortable, that my customers shun the Simba mattress.

I read with interest that Eve are raising money on the stock exchange. This is a company that has never turned a profit and is known to lose money on every mattress they sell. I shall pass on this investment, as I believe that, as with the original memory foam mattresses, not many people with buy twice.

We’ll see.

Jerry Cheshire is founder of award winning bed retailer Surrey Beds in Purley, Surrey, where customer’s sleep quality and satisfaction is paramount. Download his ‘7 Key mistakes people make when buying a bed’ PDF here.