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Dunlopillo vs Reedhams Latex Pillows

Not only Dunlopillo for Latex Pillows.

Latex is a strange word with connotations of sterile gloves and kinkiness. It’s actually foam made using the sap of a rubber tree; wholly eco-friendly and arguably the most perfect material on which to sleep. Many pillows are made with latex, but described without using the actual word latex.

Congratulations to Dunlopillo makers and market leaders for latex pillows for owning the latex pillow (marketing) space. When people buy a Dunlopillo pillow, how aware are they that the pillow contains latex? I don’t know, but there may be a connection to a resistance to the word latex and the omission of the word latex from Dunlopillo product range. In fact at the time of checking, only one Dunlopillo pillow has latex in the name (Latex Wrap) and that’s not a best seller.

So if another pillow maker, a competitor to Dunlopillo were to launch a range of latex pillows, the challenge for them is to position themselves alongside Dunlopillo, unable to use the brand name, but wanting to use an alternative to the word latex knowing their product to be similar.

Latex is known to have a plethora of healthy benefits:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Antibacterial
  • Self temperature regulating
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Breathable
  • Natural, eco-friendly

Pillows should be supportive, comfortable and ergonomic to allow deep blissful sleep and latex is accepted as an ideal material for this.

Marketing can make or break a product. I’ve seen mediocre pillows, sell exceptionally well just because they are marketed well. I’ve also seen fabulous, amazing pillows crash because the marketing sucks. A marketing message that is constantly repeated, whether accurate or otherwise, creates familiarity that breeds trust. We buy products that we know about because we feel comfortable with them and trust them to a degree.

As seller of pillows we sometimes find a great product that is better than the market leader, our challenge is to draw people away from the brand name they know. I invite you to compare and decide for yourselves. Our hope is that the Reedham’s brand finds the place in the latex pillow market they deserve. Very near the top.