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Beds for Kids

Beds for kids 

I was asked

'When buying a bed for a child, how much should I spend if I have a limited budget?'

Of course the obvious answer is to spend as much as you can afford.

It's very important when buying for kids not to go too cheap on the mattress because you need something that will support a developing spine. A cheap mattress will feel good on night one, but after about 3 months, you'll be able to feel every spring in it and it will feel like sleeping on a bag of plumbers tools. Your children won't tell you their mattress has become uncomfortable because they don't know any different.

A mistake many people make is to buy their infant child a cheap mattress and find the child is still sleeping on it 10 years later when they are the size of an adult. This can cause serious posture and back issues in their later life.

Of course for teenagers, you're buying for an adult anyway, just an adult with more growing to do.

I would suggest put the majority of your budget into the mattress.

A budget of between £300 and £500 per bed is advisable at the budget end. However many parents spend more.

The extra £100 between a £200 and a £300 mattress buys far more than the extra £100 between a £400 and a £500 mattress because the fixed costs of labour and transport are the same.

Please don't make the mistake of buying something you haven't seen or tried, as I guarantee you will be disappointed with what turns up.

I would suggest a visit to our shop would be wise so that you can fully understand what your extra investment buys. Your time would not be wasted and you are very welcome