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Pillows for Neck Pain

Choosing the right pillow for neck pain.


We are often asked what is the best pillow to eliminate neck pain. Unfortunately, there is not one pillow that will solve this problem for everyone.


The 3 key factors to consider when choosing your new pillow are support, comfort and durability.


Your new pillow should support your head and neck, so that they remain in line with your spine as you sleep. Physicians call this ‘neutral alignment’. When you achieve neutral alignment, your neck muscles can totally relax.


There are times during your regular sleep cycle that your muscles naturally cease working. If the support of your pillow is inefficient, your neck muscles will be forced to continue to work and hence, cause your neck to ache when you awaken.


In view of this, the height at which your pillow holds your head is key.


Also, as you sleep you naturally move. A pillow should be able to adapt to your movements otherwise your sleep may be interrupted, thus impairing your sleep quality.


The comfort of the pillow is determined by how you feel when your head is on the pillow. Not too firm, or too soft. Because your face is in close contact with your pillow, it’s important for your pillow to have an outer cover that feels good to touch. Maybe soft, cool or smooth for example.


The durability, or how long your pillow will perform in terms of support and comfort, will be determined by the materials from which your pillow is made.


Synthetic pillow fillings differ greatly in quality. Polyester is measured by denier and foams by density. Higher denier polyester and higher density foam will be more durable.


Natural products like latex, feather and down are used in pillows for their resilience and are very durable. Of course, the price of the more durable pillows will naturally be higher than lesser quality pillows.


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Jerry Cheshire is the founder of award winning bed retailer Surrey Beds and creator of The Beducator. Follow him on twitter @thebeducator

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